All the Pretty Colours

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All the Pretty Colours

Did you know that colour is a form of non-verbal communication?

It can reveal a lot about a person, such as their preferences, feelings and expressions.

The meaning of colours can vary depending culture and circumstances, however all colours do have recognised traits.  So, when you’re choosing what nail polish colour to go for consider the below.

RED – can make a bold statement, suggesting someone who is confident, outgoing, passionate and the ultimate statement of glamour.

PALE PINK – a soft and subtle hue, perfect for those that don’t want to stand out but show they are concerned with being well groomed.

LAVENDER – these softer shades of purple are feminine, graceful and elegant.

HOT PINK – you are chic, playful and confident.  This colour is associated with spontaneity and fun.

PURPLE – suggests you are an individualist with an artistic flair.  Creative people are drawn to the shade of purple.

GREEN – going ‘green’ shows a lot of power and that you don’t shy away from risky choices.  You exude earthiness.

BROWN – a darker shade aligns with earthiness and someone who is energetic and engaged with their surroundings. If you opt for a lighter shade (towards nude colour) this indicates you are a clean-cut individual, feminine but definitely not high maintenance.

GREY – varying shades of this hue suggest you are the quintessential modernist female, cultured and fashionable.

BLACK – the ultimate daring colour, you love going against the norm and don’t care about being a trendsetter.

So what colour are you expressing today?

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