Quick & Easy Eco Holiday Nails

We love this time of the year!  Summer days, social events, Christmas and long holidays.  It’s also that crazy time when we try and squeeze as much as we can into the lead up, and your lists are full of tasks that “I think I can execute this successfully in 3.5 seconds”.  One thing that usually gets pushed to the side is time out for yourself, as we usually think of everyone else and everything first.  Here’s our tip for an instant pick me up and a little time out for you – all in less than twenty minutes!

1. FILE your nails.  This can be done any time, any place.  Whilst waiting for that water to boil, organising dinner, sitting watching tv at night in your downtime, instead of scrolling Insta or Facebook – use that time.

2. Make sure to REMOVE any previous nail polish and residue.  And ensure you don’t have any hand cream on – otherwise you won’t get a great end result.

3. Don’t forget the BASE COAT.  Our Icing Top & Base coat is fast-drying – double-bonus.

4. COLOUR – it should take 5-7 minutes to successfully paint your nails.  And yes, I know this sounds like a lot of time when you are running around trying to organise a household, friends, family & children and everything in between – but #selfcare. Just sit down at the table and take a breather – polishing your nails can actually be quite therapeutic and satisfying.  Our Tip – if you want something that is easy, effortless and won’t show a little mistake here or there, opt for a more neutral or shimmer colour such as Honeycomb Crunch, Caramel Chloe or Pink Iced Crème.  If you have even less time to spare than 5 minutes, go for one coat – otherwise go for 2 COATS.

5. Finally TOP COAT (refer back to point 3) for the finishing touch.  Now – drying time!  This is probably the hardest part of the entire mani.  We suggest trying to avoid for the next 10 minutes of your life:

– put your hand in your handbag

– using your laptop (scrolling Insta is totally acceptable – as is responding to all those texts you’ve been meaning to get to!)

– getting that stray hair off your face

– changing clothes

– letting any children or animals jump on you!

Congratulations you made it with pretty nails done – and hopefully a clear mind and ready for the holidays!


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