Polish to Plant

What is Polish to Plant?

Polish to Plant is our foundation project focussing on connecting people with the environment whilst improving our natural surrounds and carbon footprint. For every bottle of polish we plant one tree. This is our way of giving back to the environment and also gives you the ability to make a difference as well.

Our focus area is Western Australia. We want to establish more native trees to improve biodiversity, combat salinity and soil erosion.

Also, as part of our journey we will be tracking our planting of trees and sharing all the pictures with you via Instagram and Facebook.  This will include documenting the progress of the tree growth. We are so excited to be able to make a difference as a business and hope you’ll support and follow us in the journey to creating more trees for the next generation!

Polish to Plant

How important is it?

To plant a tree is to believe in tomorrow.  Trees are vital for our life and without them we cannot survive.  Trees protect soil from erosion, produce oxygen, store carbon dioxide and help to control the climate.  One of the easiest and best ways to combat climate change is to plant trees and restore natural environments.

How does it work?

Our concept is very simple.  For every polish sold we donate money to our chosen not for profit environmental groups.  The donation goes towards buying seedlings that will be planted by the group, volunteers and us!  These seedlings are then planted during specific planting periods (usually June to October) in focus areas that need revegetation.

When will my trees be planted?

It will vary depending on the time of your purchase and time of the year.  For every polish purchased we keep a record of the number and month.  We make a number of donations throughout the year to our chosen environmental groups, based on the number of polishes sold.  Planting of the trees then occurs during the months of June and October when weather and soil conditions are optimal for tree survival and growth.

How can I be sure that my trees are planted?

All online purchases will receive an official Polish to Plant card indicating how many trees you have contributed.  All polish purchases made at any of our wonderful wholesalers, have already been accounted for – so you can ensure that with each bottle you will be planting a tree.  Any purchases made in person at our markets will receive a Polish to Plant card.

What type of trees are planted?

All trees are picked for each specific location and are native to the South West of Western Australia.  Depending on the area we plant a variety of wattle, sheoak, banksia, paperbark, bluegum and myrtle.

Current impact?

To date since our Polish to Plant initiative launch in November 2018 we have planted over 5000 trees at Pallinup River, Borden, Katanning, Albany and Moora in Western Australia.  We work in conjunction with Katanning Landcare and North Stirlings Pallinup Natural Resources – and of course with the help of our amazing volunteers.

Polish to Plant Vegan Nail Polish  Polish to Plant Vegan Nail Polish  Polish to Plant  Polish to Plant


  Polish to Plant     Polish to Plant


Polish to Plant  Polish to Plant   Polish to Plant   Polish to Plant

Polish to Plant     Polish to Plant   Polish to Plant

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