Peach Toffee pant based nail polish
Peach Toffee plant based nail polish
Peach toffee plant based nail polis
Peach toffee plant based nail polis

Peach Toffee


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Organic terracotta crème – earthy & bold.

Our plant based eco formula is derived from natural, raw ingredients including sugar cane, manioc, cotton and corn.

A perfect two coat coverage for exceptional colour and gloss finish.

10 Free – Breathable & Water Permeable, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Halal & Australian Made.

For best results, ensure you shake the bottle gently before use, and make sure the nails are free of oil or dirt.


Australian Certified Non-Toxic MADE SAFE  Certified Vegan Logo   Cruelty Free and Vegan  Not tested on animals   Australian Made and Owned

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